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Everyone Needs At Least One Trip to Japan

When choosing a vacation spot I tend to gravitate toward sand, beach and coconuts. Basically my ideal trip includes wearing a swimsuit eighty percent of time. Throw in all inclusive deals, an activity like zip-lining or a water sport and this girl is happy.

Well, none that happened in Japan and I still had one of my best trips ever, epic even. Arriving at the airport you walk through a scanner that checks your temperature to ensure you’re not sick. Then there’s customs of course, the line was long as expected but no different that what you’d see at JFK Airport in New York. During the wait to get my passport stamped I looked around at the people around me, what I noticed first was the beautifully tanned natives. Although Japanese people are generally light-skinned I saw a few people with complexions close to mine.  As a brown girl it was an exciting sight after being only one of five Black people for miles within the last 24 hours. I immediately felt much more comfortable in Japan than I did in China. I had spent one day Beijing for a layover and hated every living moment of it. Hence why laying my eyes on a different group of people who appeared to be a lot more laid back was a pleasing sight.

From arrival to departure Japan was an interesting place. I had the pleasure of visiting a family member during my stay and boarded at a regular degular home versus a hotel, so I got to see what real day to day life was like for a short while.


The people are super respectful and polite –  I rock a huge afro and obviously stood out like a sore thumb but I rarely felt uncomfortable about being so different. Aside from the patrons at a nightclub who wanted to touch my fro there were no other awkward encounters so I’ll blame that situation on the alcohol. Otherwise, even the convenience store reps take their job seriously.  Take note China, personally I feel this nation has the worst manners on Earth!

The country is extremely organized – People stood in one line to wait for the train. I watched a video of a Youtuber who said otherwise.  But I’m from New York so my perspective may be different, Japanese cannot compare to the A train riders in Brooklyn and Manhattan in terms of rudeness.

There’s a hip hop and reggae subculture that’s quite popular –  Yes I saw real life Rastafarians too. I thought that was pretty cool.

Best Dressed Country – I spent two weeks in Japan and everyone looked good all the time. I’m not kidding, I’ve witness hundreds of Americans look a mess on a daily basis. That does not happen in Japan.

Safe – Even at night, I never felt the need to glance over my shoulder. The cops must be bored there. America, take note!

No Beggars  – You know when your on the beach minding your own business and a merchant interrupts you to force one of their “hand-made” bracelets on your wrists and says you can have it for $15.00. You won’t have to worry about that in Japan.

Lots to do – It is a developed, first world country so anything you can do here in the U.S. you could do there. A bonus is that their night life is LIT! You’ll see people from all walks of life; even met a Dutch guy at a party who was pretty nice.

So Much Culture – I’m a fan of seeing different people and how they live life. I purposely sought out the things that I was unfamiliar with and was glad that I did.

Honestly is the best policy. There were some cons but they were minor in my opinion:

Getting around – Complicated.  More Expensive than NYC. If it weren’t for my cousin I would have ended up in India while spending $25 only to get lost, all in one day. Okay maybe I’m exaggerating about the India part but you get my drift.

Food – This may have been my own fault. I could have easily eaten food I was more familiar with but chose not to. Welp my digestive system suffered because of that decision.  Authentic Japanese cuisine contains a lot of raw and strange food. Lets just say constipation was my new friend most days (TMI?). This is completely avoidable though.

Lots of walking – I don’t know why but for some reason I felt like I walked a whole lot. Not a major issue because you can always hail a cab for $200.00 (USD) *insert sarcastic smile. But who’s complaining, I lost the five extra pounds I needed to so this should really be in the Pro section.

There you have it folks. I’d say a trip to Japan is definitely worth it. I encourage you to go discover other things that I didn’t list and tell me about it. Visit my Youtube channel for the slideshow if you missed it.

#FunTip – Japan is a cool place to get your nails done, to rack up on accessories and purchase unique sneakers!

#TravelTip – Don’t take offense to everything. A lot of weird encounters are innocent cultural differences.

Thanks for reading♥

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