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Bible Study 1 – Spiritual Warfare 

This sermon was delivered by Cornelius Lindsey, husband to Heather Lindsey, a woman I found on YouTube. I enjoyed some of Heather’s videos about her journey to holiness. Eventually I learned of her husband and their church the Gathering Oasis located in Atlanta, Georgia. Unlike most Christians I know Mrs. Lindsey was not born into Christianity but found God a little later in life. This made her story stand out to me, much like No Malice’s  own. I enjoy hearing about people who left a worldly life to walk with God.

For Starters

I didn’t learn much about spiritual warfare while attending a physical church so I’m glad to gain the knowledge now.

In spiritual warfare, believers know not to be afraid because we know what our powers are. I’d be lying if I said I remained confident when strange or scary things happened. I’ve been frightened by dreams or feeling an eerie presence. Over time as I grew spiritually and learned more about God I began to feel less afraid. I may be startled at first but now I’m able to calm my nerves when I remember God, pray and say His scriptures aloud.
Fasting is something we can do to discipline ourselves and get closer with God. Much like getting in shape, this activity can be challenging on the mind and body. Cornelius shares that “fasting is difficult the first 24 to 48 hours.” Once you get past those first few days it becomes easier to bear.

Ya gotta be in it to win it.

The Holy Spirit helps us when we embrace, acknowledge and accept him. John 14:-16 “And I shall request from my Father and he will give you another Redeemer of the accursed*, that he will be with you for eternity.” 17 “He is The Spirit of Truth, whom the world cannot receive, because it has neither seen him nor known him; but you know him, for he dwells with you and he is in you.”

If you don’t know Jesus you won’t be in tuned with the Holy Spirit. Romans 8:- 5 “For those who are in the flesh are governed by the flesh, and those who are of The Spirit are governed by The Spirit.” I’ve always found the following phrase amusing, “she caught the Holy Ghost”. The Spirit isn’t a ball you can catch. Consider the characteristics of your own spirit. He [the Spirit] is not a force or an emotion, but He does have emotions. He is a gift from God to help us along the way.

The Holy Spirit comes through Jesus. Jesus is the only way to get in connection with this Spirit. The Spirit’s purpose is to teach and remind us of what Jesus taught. Jesus came so that we may know his father, our God, Yahweh. They are all synonymous, all working together. John 14:-26 “But he, The Redeemer of the accursed, The Spirit of Holiness, whom my Father sends in my name, he will teach you all things and he will remind you of everything whatsoever I have told you.”

Gear up, it’s time for war.

Satan is always looking for someone to weaken and delay. Satan is the god of worldliness. I was glad to learn that he does not measure up to God. Yahweh is omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent and sovereign. While Satan just aren’t all those things. If I can be honest. I wasted a lot of years being scared of the devil. I perceived him as a big bad monster who is everywhere all the time, waiting to kill be and drag me to hell. On the contrary, Jesus already won the victory against the devil. It’s my job to live like I believe it and not be tempted to think otherwise. Even when life tempts me to do otherwise.

Ephesians 6:10-19 – You’ll need to read the scripture to make sense of the following. Put on the whole armor of God in order to fight your spiritual battles: truth, righteousness, the gospel of peace, faith and the word of God. What’s I found interesting was where each defense is placed, i.e. the belt of truth. The principalities that attack us use invisible weapons such as anger, shame, greed and jealousy. Therefore, don’t make other people your enemy, as they are guns used by the devil to deliver his bullets. Poor analogy but you get the drift.

1 Peter 5:8 “Be alert, be reflective, because your enemy Satan roars like a lion and is walking and seeking whom he may devour.” For me, this reads don’t be passive in the spiritual warfare. Cornelius adds, the soldier that dies on the battlefield is a symbol of sacrifice and honor to his country. While the soldier who refuses to fight or hides in fear is like a coward. Satan wins when we give into fear and pride. Pride in the sense that you think you can win without Jesus’ help. Other factors that can cause us to stumble are silence, inactivity, rebellion and compromise. They are all equal in helping the devil get an up in the fight for your soul and the soul of others. Although Jesus won over death it doesn’t mean you automatically enlist into his army. Jesus is polite, he doesn’t force people to join Him. We were given free will and he won’t impede on that. Therefore, in order to be on the winning team you have to agree with the coach.

What will it be? Will you live a life avoiding the ugly parts of spiritual reality, allowing Satan to live among you unbothered? Or will you pick up your sword and fight, knowing you were provided an entire arsenal. Keeping in mind you have a manual and aren’t fighting alone.

Stay tuned for part two of this message and thanks for reading.



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