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Hi everyone! Welcome to my blog. I’m TK, a New Yorker who enjoys discussing life topics, sharing my interests and traveling. I’m also a Certified Rehabilitation Counselor (CRC) and hold a LMHC-P (Licensed Mental Health Counselor – Permit).

I am a lover of God, travel and big hair. High on my love list is good conversation and a good debate as well. I believe everyone could use some self-care hence I’m an advocate for mental and spiritual health. Lastly but not leastly I’m a passionate person who for years could not understand why I couldn’t relate to many people and why other often misunderstood me. I not one for a dull personality for the sake of appearing acceptable. I coined myself and people like me, passionistas.

What is a Passionista you ask? Well even if you weren’t curious I’ll share the meaning either way. A Passionista is a person who is passionate about life. Pretty simple right. We all aren’t passionate about the same things but individuality is awesome. Imagine a botanical garden, wouldn’t it would be boring with only one type of flower. Let us all grow into full bloom by living out our dreams and passions.

Will you be a Passionista today?

Stay Blessed

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